switchblade Annie (hidethesmoke) wrote,
switchblade Annie

printing a retraction

i hereby denounce all negative schwag said in association with the last LJ post i left.

i was pretty pissed, everyone was stressing me out. honestly, u just ever have one of those days where EVERYONE gets under your skin ?

these are all people i love and care about but it makes me angry that all of them want me to dance on the head of a pin, around THEIR time, at THEIR leisure and convienence, yet, most of them ditch me or cancel plans or are busy when *I* ask just about religously , but, u dont hear me griping and guilting ...


like i was saying .. in retrospect .. no one is perfect, least of all me, and the fac that im bitching because i have good people in my life that are upset because they want to spend more time with me no matter what the stipuations, they're genuinely concerned with seeing me.

thats kinda neat..

even if they DO have the uncanny ability to make u feel like a fucking asshole for standing up for yourself even tho THEY were the one that taught you how to DO that.

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