switchblade Annie (hidethesmoke) wrote,
switchblade Annie

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its nothing very interesting . i just felt silly and felt like taking pictures on the digi cam at 4:30 in the am. wheee!

and there you have it .

a perfectly good girlguide shirt ruined ... defaced by a trollop enscanced in an innocent pink wrapping...

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oh Emily.. lol.
ahahha **WhAT**


so hows things with u and the boy darlin ?
amazing as ever, i love him so *^_^*
and you?

what are you doing saturday? should i bother asking if you're busy? lol
i know im retarded.
i leave on friday to go to paisley to pick up the boy and bring him home @$#%@#%@#

saturday we're doing a canoe trip and i come home on sunday around 6ish if all goes well for my staff meeting
but i get paid on friday so i'll have money thru the course of the week .. soooo lol
we can figure something out. im the fucking worst at making plans tho .. and tehn i end up staying home bored and being like.. wow ... so .. this sucks lol
well fuck man when youre bored call me i dont have your new number!!

.. 734-5397 right ??

btw i didnt respond b/c myi nternet is down.... im at myparents house!
will you promise to share parts of you that i can be friends with?
its guides tradition you know ;)
did u get kicked out of girl guides for eating a brownie ?
that was the worst....
and most amazing thing ive ever heard ;)
lmfao! i know.. i'll getcha the bumpersticker that says that from my work haha]

i saw u downtown the other day and yelled REGGGGGGGGGGG
but u didnt even turn around
yr a tough cookie
i wanna see the new place.
ok when i get back from my canoe trip that im goign on for this weekend we'll arrange something

u can be as drunk and loud as u want..... no neighbours and we own the whole house