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though i know i should be wary ...

still i venture someplace scary ...

switchblade Annie
23 July
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"Though I know I should be wary,
still I venture someplace scary,
ghostly hauntings,
I turn loose! Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!!!"

emma: self proclaimed hypomaniac. i dream of running away.wesley willis fanatic. completely perverse sense of humor. sarcasm is my shield. jerry springer rules. looking for love in all the wrong places. smoke entirely too much pot. happily wallowing in nerroticisms. independant. faded but not jaded. yet. dont like to be touched. i tend to catagorize everyone. plethora of metal and ink. cant cook. always second guessing myself. too sensitive. caffine addict. i talk to my cats. and my plants. i dont care if you think im pretty. loud mouth. brash. i swear like a drunken sailor. aquaphobic. fascinated by roadkill. insomniac. i wear my heart on my sleeve. packrat. addict. dreamer. skilled at ignoring the deepset inner ache. i love my tarot cards. too complacent. klutzy. fragile. i talk too fast. gullible. too trusting. i believe in second chances. and thirds . and fourths. naieve. my friends are my life. give me a hoodie i'll give u my soul. http://photos.yahoo.com/skrewdntattood
80's anything, androgynous little girls, animals, anti-establishments, art, band shirts, bandanas, being alone, being held, being seduced, best friends, big trucks, biting, black felttip pens, bondage pants, books, boot fetish, bright coloured hair, burnt cds, cartoons, cheesecake, cheezy 80's horror flicks, chipped nailpolish, christmas lights, clear nailpolish, coffee, concerts, corny comments, cotten candy bubblebaths, cotten candyperfume, crushes, dragqueens, drawing, dry humping, dyed hair, faith no more, fake rape scenarios, fruity candles, fuzzy handcuffs, fuzzy handkuffs, gangster films, geeks, girl thrashbands, green eyes, hard kisses, hardkore, heavy metal, heavy petting, herbal tea, hiking, hot topics, humour, ikea, individualism, innocent flirting, intellegence, jazz, jerry springer, jumping in puddles, kink, lamps, late night phonecalls, leppard print anything, lesbians, lipgloss, lipstick dykes, making my own jewellery, metal, mismatched socks, mittens, movies, music, my kittens, nature, nature walks, offroading, oral, oversized hoodies, petnames, photographs, piercing people, piercings, plants, plastic pink flamingos, poetry, polorids, porn, posters, pot, punk, punkrock, rainstorms, re-decorating my place, roadkill, roadtrips, rockabilly, safteypins, scented candles, school girls, secondhand stores, seinfeld, short stories, shrooms, sleeping in, smooth skin, snail mail, spooning, steeltoe docks, stickers, sublime, sundaes, tattoos, the beach at night, the sopranos, the winking cat, thigh-highs, thrash, tight hugs, traveling, ultimate frisbee, value village, vanilla coke, vintage stuff, warm breezes, wearing your hoody, webcams, zines