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jesus christ
as per usual its been a while since my last entry.

where to start with whats new. uhm. i live in welland now. heh. ahyahuh. its a great farm house. very cosy, has a real chilled atmosphere to it. party lanterns and pink flamingos everywhere ... lots of smelly candles, and nick nacks galore.
im happy. my cats seem happy... its all good with that aspect

as for work, well, im working a lot. way too much to be honest,its hard b/c i think my school work is suffering. im kind of down on myself for this b/c it really shouldnt be. its not THAT difficult to juggle full time work and school i jsut need to learn how to properly apply myself... its not too late to change tho, uknow, pull up the slacks a bit.. i just gotta really concentrate. theres not much time until winter break happens and if i can just coast thru until that and maintain my A average im laughin .. come second semester i'll slow down with work for a bit, just until school's out.


im goign to hitup the tim hortons. its 2am, i jsut smoked a huge garr with Bong (Shaner) and im ripped and craving a hotchocolate
u kids take care

i'll try to do a more meaningful update soon
seriously. heh
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