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whatsup fuckers !

thats right im back

i had this kewl myspace thing i was checkin out .. ha. i feel so fuckign infidelious about it (yeah thats right. i just added a suffix of my own choosing onto a word that i deemed better then an already existing one that actually correlates to the english language there. )


anyway. but im back on the livejournal shit cuz im like. i dunno. dating someone that has a spot on my myspace account


thats a whole nother subject tho... we'll verse that one later .... but i mean dont get me wrong. hes alright. i mean hes not annoyign er anything, hes just a platonic buddy im trying to turn into something more and i cant. theres nothing there. nothing at all man..

that and im really looking forward to being single and whoring it up a bit. i always was pretty good at that


yeah. one more thing that really creeped me out at first was yesterday when i went downtown, i saw this ex one nighter that i shared an aquaintenceship with once.. like.. fuckin years ago. anwyay. i've been pretty blatently (and by that i mean going to the extent of going ohgod there he is, and crossing over to the other side of the street) ignoring. but yesterday that was it
the moment of truth

where u know that you've been spotted, reeled in, and its time to face the fucking music. theres no more avoiding this..

well ok. as if this isnt bad enough. (and im leading up to the creepy part... this is just a pre vent.) anyway. apparently hes just rather hungup on this, i cant say i blame him. im great in the sack. i know this, its just how it goes. haha anyway... he apparently has no qualms bout blatently talking about that "one night" fuckin years ago infront of the present company,
putting me on the spot. like YES OK . guess what. get the FUCK OVER IT. clearly, uve got a LOT of nerve openly hitting on me and inviting a followup session after being AVOIDED FOR YEARS NOW

anyway. the quote that killed me was something to the extent of "now that everythings water under the bridge ... blabla it was GREAT sex. ALL NIGHT .. we should do it again!"
or something
first off
the reason it was all night was b/c i was hammared and still unsatisfied after like 3 gos at it.
get over it.


THE NERVE> clearly im not making eye contact with you, im embarrassed, im openly checking out hot asses and doing my best to NOT include you int he conversation

but no

nono.. you have to be undaunting about it

the creepy part

i find out the fucker reads my LJ sometimes... like WOW ok uknow what? fine. human nature. curiosity. great. but thats NOT the kind of thing i want to know ... i'd MUCH rather be in blissful ignorance of it, NOT to mention u sure do seem like a silent stalker just purusing thru it, never commenting, never letting me know your reading it

and i mean thats the whole POINT of LJ.
when its osmeone u've gone out of your way to avoid for so long who is practically just CASUALLY tossing out this info that he reads up on you ?
no fucking tact

ahha hows THAT for a welcome back rant??

"sure is lonely out here in radioland"
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