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so i heard last night that zach may be hooking up with Jen again .. u know, the textbook case of the ex that broke yr heart and left u in shambles ruined for any further relationships ??? yah THAT ex .

FUCK him .. fuck him for making me think we're still friends, and FUCK HIM for using me this whole time , and FUCK HIM for keeping me in the dark this WHOLE tiem and then even after ,, when it supposedly DOESNT matter anymore .

their whole goddamn family ... just so fucking ungrateful ..

when i went camping i borrowed a pair of his sisters socks .. i brought them home w/me, so i was like awee i'll buy her a new pair to make it up to her -- yeah ... apparently her only response was "well .... where are MY socks .. like wtf."

zach was like well they WERE cute socks .. hard to beat that . YAH ok. glad that gesture was takin with an grain of salt ..

i think les is mad at me too ... i dont know why .. i mean, ihave a feeling its cuz i slept in today instead of went out and looked fer jobs but wtf man. im going to the cottage today, and honestly, yes. i AM broke ... but fuck, im not gonna NOT pay my bills. i always have, i always will. thats just the way this shit goes.

i dunno. maybe shes just stressed. maybe im just hungover. i got pretty drunk yesterday .

i had a good day. saw justin fer a bit, but mostly hung out with bug for the day . it was awesome, i dont do that nearly enough. i tend to just toss them both into the mixer (JUSTINANDBUGG) or i just take tiem with Justin .. which is lovely, but i forgot how much i adore bug and emily time too ... hes a good listener..

anyways. .. im sneaking off to the cottage today .. im gonna be gone from thursday till sunday .fuck it. i just wanna get away for a bit. see my parents, take some time to think ,i'd REALLY like to look into tquitting smoking too.
save some SERIOUS cash

now. if i could just save some serious sanity i'd be set.

FUCK i wanna just punch a hole thru the back of that fucking fucks face.
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