switchblade Annie (hidethesmoke) wrote,
switchblade Annie

oh SO grr , like seriously GRR people

so seriously
why do all the great guys in my life have to be so fuckign co-dependant.

i mean its all or none with these people ...

i dont get it .they go from having this huge i hate the world and everyone in it front to either hanging off my every word, 5 pittiful phonecalls a day begging me to come over hangout , have supper, see them, i miss you , etc .

or they get mad cuz im gonna be an hour late, and try to act like their NOT throwing a bitch fit when CLEARLY ... they are .. which is a pretty impressive feat to figure out over msn unless someone clearly wanted u to know they were really upset

OR they just dont give a crap.

or even better tehy ACT like they dont give a crap, till u dump them, then they turn into the sweetest human being on the face of the planet, and the worst part is, its truly sincere. b/c u know they dont want u back, they just wanna prove their not a worthless piece of crap that u chalked them up to be after u dump them

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